A Merchandisers’ Dream.

Why? Because this app was created specifically for merchandisers! Often times, merchandisers can’t see real-time performance and are cut out of the marketing process, and not even intentionally. People get busy, things need to move forward and marketers are on deadlines. Often, communicating with merchandisers gets lost in the marketing cycle.

But we are here to change that! Our Visual Merchant App seamlessly syncs inventory with ecommerce results giving the merchandisers daily category, sub-category, and product performance. This enables them to make near real-time decisions on inventory; move a product to a promo or sale, what to re-order from suppliers, or perhaps shift product placement on the website.

Finally, a forum for Merchandising and Marketing to collaborate and increase Sell Thru. Everybody wins.


Understand your customer. Create a plan. Make it actionable.
Drive results. LET US HELP.