Universal Tagging Application

Our Universal Tagging App is a software application that empowers organizations to apply a standard name tagging code methodology across all digital marketing campaigns

The increasing sophistication of digital marketing is underpinned by a technology element that many brands need to manage more effectively: the tag. The technologies, networks, and applications in the digital era that utilize tags are endless and the need to standardize and automate the creation of tags is vital.

Brands need a holistic view of how campaigns perform across all digital channels, all geographies, and all agency partners.

Internal teams, external agencies, and web development teams who utilize our Universal Tagging App are able to quickly create tagging codes while maintaining consistency within various platforms and networks (Google Marketing Platform, Facebook, display networks, Email, etc.) and Analytics systems (Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, etc.).

This Universal Tagging App enables digital channel and campaign comparison across multiple domains at an enterprise level within any reporting or business intelligence tool. Our App is great for large internal teams, or brands that work across multiple channels, agencies, or departments.



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