Do You Like Gaps in Your Data? Of Course Not!

Complete marketing data is critical to make informed decisions. Most companies are missing up to 40% of their data due to poor data standards and archaic manual processes.

Our Universal Campaign Coder automates and standardizes your naming conventions, so you never have gaps in your marketing data again.

The result, marketing teams spend less time fixing data and more time driving business.


The Problem

Ungoverned Process

Standardizing campaign names is an arduous and error prone task

Campaign Codes

Forcing staff to expend tremendous amount of time re-mapping data for reporting

Marketing Data

Teams are left with little insight into what campaigns are driving results

The Solution

Our Universal Campaign Coder is an automated solution to guarantee accurate tracking of marketing campaigns across channels, platforms and networks to easily standardize tracking codes, associated metadata and campaign reporting.

Your teams work hard to build seamless marketing campaigns. Ensure that campaign data is captured so you can give your team more time to focus on strategic tasks.

Who Benefits

The value of the Universal Campaign Coder is felt throughout the organization.

Automate the process to validate and launch campaign codes

Ensure optimal digital experiences across the customer journey

Easily understand content, campaigns and creative engagement

Enable 100% accurate, unified, rich reporting

Automate the process to validate and launch

“Creating consistency across all channels, platforms and tactics enables us to gain true unified and universal insight. We now can have actionable historical data at our fingertips on all campaigns, informing our decision making for the future. This changes how businesses manage their marketing and advertising channels.”

– Garrett Hood, VP of Digital Media

“Our paid social team relies critically on our ability to measure detailed performance data – based on audiences, creative, ad types, etc. Having that consistent framework for our naming conventions and UTM parameters ensures accurate data, and saves us hours every week. The Universal Campaign Coder is a true GAME CHANGER!”

– Sara Young, Senior Paid Social Strategist

“I was thrilled to see improved accuracy and time savings across all my teams. I have never been happier to kick a spreadsheet to the curb. The Universal Campaign Coder has saved us countless hours and uncovered new data we couldn’t reach before. This. Is. The. Future.”

Scott Salzberg, Director of Strategic Growth


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Automate & standardize campaign names at scale across your enterprise

The amount of time and effort needed to manually pull and aggregate spreadsheets across multiple marketing campaigns creates opportunities for human error.

Eliminate this risk with Universal Campaign Coder — make analysis faster, easier and more accurate.