Get actionable insights to make changes to your marketing tactics based on rapid, reliable data

No, seriously. We had our data scientists and development gurus build a real-time API that works directly with your Salesforce Commerce Cloud site, you might remember it as Demandware. No more waiting 4 hours to pull in revenue and orders from Demandware or GA, our app updates every 6 minutes, faster than you can grab a latte at Starbucks.

But we didn’t stop at revenue, because that isn’t all that drives marketing decisions.

Our Salesforce Commerce Cloud App can rollup data by division and product category, track core product and promotional level activity, see product/SKU level details updated every 6 minutes, see traffic patterns and current AUR, AOV and percent to sell through. If you can dream it, this app can do it. Strictly talking ecommerce related of course, we can’t help you walk your dog (but there is an app for that).

Get all your reporting in one place.


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