Revenue Prediction Technology

Predict the Future to Shape the Future with Our Proprietary Algorithm

Typically, predictions are made at the beginning of the month. The scope of those predictions can differ from month to month and client to client, depending on need. While you can leverage our Revenue Predictor for metrics outside of revenue, revenue is obviously a metric that most companies track. So, we’ll start there.

Here’s how it works; revenue prediction is leveraged by using our regression algorithm looks at the relationship between the dependent variable of revenue and nine independent coefficient variables. This model utilizes performance for the same month from the previous year(s) and performance over the most recent months to generate the prediction. ​Thus, calculating how much demand/revenue the client is likely to generate on their eCommerce site for the coming month.


Business Questions it Addresses

What is the likelihood that I make plan base on the prediction?

How’s revenue pacing to plan and prediction?

What independent variables are impacting my site’s revenue prediction?

Are there consistently the same site behavioral independent variables that have a high and low impact on the revenue prediction?

What channels are performing best?

What channels are performing below expectations?

How is my digital marketing strategy impacting revenue?

Are there adjustments that I can make to my marketing plan to impact shortfalls in the prediction?

Value It Provides

  • Designed to provide insight into opportunities or shortfalls in ecommerce performance
  • Gives retail brands more time focusing on their strategy using data that is at their fingertips
  • Get ahead of the curve by allowing brands to be proactive through prediction by adjusting their digital strategies or improving the site experience

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