Get Your Marketing, Digital Media Spend, and Ecommerce Performance in a Flash!

Compare to plan, forecast, and understand performance metrics within seconds.

Compare to plan, forecast, and understand your ecommerce performance within seconds, now with Month-End Revenue & Spend Pacing.

Marketing leaders have a lot of pressure to plan revenue goals accurately and forecast performance while hitting ROI targets. To accomplish this, they need data more than ever. These data points come from multiple and varying sources that result in delays, inaccuracies, and stalled decision-making.

Our revenue forecasting model, the Revenue Equation App (or fondly just RevEQ), empowers CMOs and marketing executives to become proactive rather than reactive. This enables key decision makers to become more strategic, validate the ROI of their marketing channels, and make data-driven decisions.

Designed for the marketing leadership team, our Revenue Equation App gives you an accurate picture of performance and why revenue increased or decreased. This allows you to quickly analyze and understand which segments, channels, media budgets, and metrics are impacting performance.

That’s nice, but what can it do? The Revenue Equation App displays the performance of digital marketing efforts by channel, device type, and visitor type. You can view all the data in one place to understand your metrics then quickly influence results. With real-time cloud-based access, marketers can filter for any date range and comparison to gain insights immediately.

Not only does the RevEQ provide in-depth analysis, our app shows you how you are pacing to reach your revenue and media budgets. Our media pacing solution accounts for the fact that revenue isn’t generated through linear goals. This solution is built to leverage a weighted pacing algorithm for a more accurate forecast.

Understand your marketing team’s performance. Create a plan. Make it actionable. Drive results.


Business Questions it Addresses

What metrics are driving revenue?

What device type is driving the most traffic?

Do new or returning customers drive the more revenue?

What channels are performing best?

What channels are performing below expectations?

How is my digital marketing strategy impacting revenue?

Am I pacing to make our monthly revenue goal?

Am I out pacing my media spend this month?

Do I have enough media budget for the rest of the month?

How am I doing against plan or forecast for any given time period?

How is my site performing based on key KPI’s?

Value It Provides

  • Designed to provide a complete snapshot into a brands’ ecommerce performance, freeing marketers’ time to focus on their strategy using data that is at their fingertips.
  • Created to visualize which ecommerce metrics are ultimately impacting & driving revenue.
  • Allows marketers to quickly assess their digital performance without having to pull multiple performance reports together & connect the dots.

Make real-time decisions based on mathematically weighted monthly revenue pacing to identify opportunities or shortfalls within marketing channel performance.


Understand your customer. Create a plan. Make it actionable.
Drive results. LET US HELP.