Technology to Enable Digital Transformation

Visualize & Automate

Technology is constantly evolving while disrupting every industry we serve.
This is amplified by continuous shifts in consumer behavior and increasingly sophisticated
ways of reaching them in their journey with brands.

We’ve identified powerful technologies, informed by our deep business-to-consumer experience, that help clients adapt and deliver on digital transformation.

Digital transformation is exciting! It is capable of delivering an enhanced, modern experience to consumers and a streamlined, more efficient processes for your organization. At Blue Moon Digital, we provide Marketing and Business Intelligence technologies to address opportunities, in the form of proprietary solutions and licensed third-party tools.

The toolset includes but isn’t limited to; advanced customer data platforms (CDP / CRM), data management platforms (DMPs), data onboarders, ad server and demand side platforms (DSPs), real-time bidding and optimization organic search tracking, automated triggered messaging, affiliate publisher management, social media management, marketing execution ecosystems (e.g. Google, Salesforce, Facebook, etc.), competitive investment analytics, web analytics, onsite personalization, dynamic creative optimization, and much more.

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These continually evolving technologies have created a flood of data. So, we’ve expanded our toolset beyond the confines of Marketing, helping our clients address business opportunities with sophisticated digital solutions.

Domo, our data visualization and dashboarding technology, enables us to act on your data – whether in a Marketing report or any other Operational use case. Our proprietary technology solutions leverage our in-house Analytics & Data Science offering to create automated, predictive applications that address your unique business needs.

We have the technology to do just that, including:

& Dashboarding

See the story in your Data. Working with Domo, we bring siloed and scattered data to one central platform to create stunning visualizations and dashboards. That are updated automatically. Bingo, data immediately at your fingertips (yes, on your mobile phone).

Revenue Equation App

Get your ecommerce performance in a flash! Compare to Plan, Forecast, and understand YoY metrics within seconds. See all your media spend and see how you are pacing towards your goals.

Universal Campaign Coder

Apply a standard naming convention to all marketing campaign tagging across all digital channels – great for large internal teams, or brands that work across multiple channels, agencies, or internal departments.

Visual Intelligence Cubes (VICs) App

Our VICs put your marketing data into a 3D display so you can immediately see outliers (good and bad) and act with confidence.

Visual Merchant App

Our Visual Merchant App seamlessly syncs inventory with ecommerce results giving the merchandisers daily category, sub-category, and product performance. This enables them to; make near-real-time decisions on inventory, move a product to a promo or sale, what to re-order from suppliers, or shift product placement on the website.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Connector

We built a real-time API that works directly with your Salesforce Commerce Cloud site (you might remember it as Demandware). No more waiting 4 hours to pull in revenue and orders from Demandware or GA, our app updates every 6 minutes, faster than you can grab a latte at Starbucks.

Revenue Predictor App

With our proprietary algorithm, this App can predict next quarter’s ecommerce revenue with incredible accuracy. We have identified the top 10 variables that enable us, even with seasonality impacts, to predict revenue.

Your Data is Your Future.

Digital transformation requires you to dig into what the story it is telling you. Luckily, that’s what we are here for.

Understand your customer. Create a plan. Make it actionable.
Drive results. LET US HELP.