Those that can predict the future, can shape the future.

Our Data Science team utilizes regression, classification and predictive models, in addition to other advanced Machine Learning and mathematical techniques to help your team impact future business outcomes through data.

Whether your data is from a web analytics platform, a point-of-sale systems, your inventory management platform or another tool, our team works with you to extract and clean your data, join disparate data sources and apply Machine Learning statistical models. Ultimately helping you empower your business decisions through data.

Empower your business decisions through data.


  • If you’re likely to achieve your revenue goals
  • Which pages of your website are underperforming
  • Which customers are likely to generate the most revenue over their lifetime with your brand
  • Which ones to target for specific campaigns
  • And which are likely to churn
  • So much more


  • Predictive Analytics Models
  • Outlier/Anomaly Detection
  • Clustering Analysis


  • Will you reach your revenue target?
  • Which customers are most likely to churn?

Anomaly Detection

  • Which landing pages are under-performing?
  • Which search terms aren’t driving as much revenue as they could be?

Clustering Analysis

  • Which customer group should I target for this promotional offer?
  • Which customer group is likely to purchase without an incentive?


Understand your customer. Create a plan. Make it actionable.
Drive results. LET US HELP.