COVID-19 is changing daily life for many Americans and in turn, that is changing businesses that support and supply Americans. This deep dive will focus on how to leverage your on-site analytics to keep up with trends, understand changing user behaviors, and make informed business decisions.

On-site analytics should, hopefully, be something you are very familiar with. Site analytics allows you to understand and navigate all the complexities that managing a brand and website can entail.

What We Have Seen

We compiled a COVID-19 Domo dashboard and below you’ll find sessions broken out by a few states, as well as YoY revenue by State, for BMDi clients. In these graphs, you’ll see “A” on March 11th, 2020 when the WHO declared the global pandemic. The “B” marks the date on when that state issued an executive stay-at-home order.

New York Sessions by Day
California Sessions by Day
Illinois Sessions by Day
Ohio Sessions by Day
YoY Revenue by State MTD

6 Things To Do Today

Data Analysis

Watch your units per transaction. If the size of orders is going up (like it is for many of our clients) consider offering bundled products to meet consumer demand (assuming inventory levels can support this). Most brands leverage multiple channels to reach customers so it is important to monitor changes to each channel, especially with recent and drastic changes in consumer behavior.

Find Insights from the Data

Whether it’s an influx in sales for a specific item or a wave of visitors from social outreach, user behaviors are not quite normal right now.

Make sure you take time to look through on-site performance data to see if there is something you can do to help surface products faster, accommodate user concern with alternative messaging on return rates or shipping, or simply tailor your promotional calendar to meet customer expectations.

A/B Test

Before you batch and blast a major announcement or promotional offers, consider testing the messaging first via A/B test.

Test messaging across your site to measure how consumers are reacting to your COVID-19 response and how it impacts their buying decisions. You should also use this time to test updates to existing features to drive an increase in conversion rate on-site. Some sites may also be experiencing increases in traffic during this unprecedented time which can help you reach significance on tests quicker.

Monitor Site Search

Site search is normally a treasure trove of insights, as your consumer tells you what it is they are looking for. With fluctuating consumer sentiment and perceived demand, make sure to monitor for trends and increased search interest.

Full Story / HotJar: Video Movement and Behavior

Monitor user behavior on-site to see how it’s changed over the past few months. Are users more likely to interact with different elements on the site? How can you optimize those elements to drive increased conversions? Are users running into any issues when trying to complete orders? You want to make sure that the buying process on your site is as frictionless as possible.

Audience Segments

Use data from Google Analytics to identify key user segments that are ripe for targeting in the future. Do you have an influx of traffic that is converting at a lower rate? Make sure you are creating groups of engaged users who did not ultimately complete purchases so you can reach these users again.

Our Recommended Tools

  • Site Analytics: Google Analytics, Adobe, Search Console
  • Tag Management and validation: GTM, Tealium, Observe Point, Pingdom, mPulse
  • Domo: Full visualization
  • Testing: Google Optimize, Monetate, Dynamic Yield
  • Alternate Insights: Google Trends

Blue Moon Digital has extensive experience improving, digesting, and making analytics data available – one of the reason’s we are Domo’s partner of the year. If you are looking for help or would like an audit of your analytics program, drop us a line and our specialists will reach out.