It isn’t new news that many Americans sit behind a desk, for long hours, hardly moving more than a few steps an hour. And now that we are well into the holiday season (aka the season of hibernation weight, dry weather, and limited outdoor activities) it is even more important to take care of yourself.

Let’s start these winter months with a plan for action! And it is no secret that sticking to a routine is easier with a buddy. So, grab your work wife and make your plan.

5 Tips to get you going:

Sneaky steps – get these steps whenever possible

  • Schedule walking meetings
  • Park your car furthest from the door
  • Take the stairs
  • Use your breaks to take a walk

Snack Attack 

Today, many companies supply healthy snacking options. But, if your company isn’t quite there yet, bring healthy options like almonds, pretzels, fruit, granola bars, basically anything that will fix your hanger and keep you energized.


Thankfully, we have access to running water. Big win! However, filtered water is much better than ordinary tap water. Of course, this does depend on where you live and how clean the drinking water is, but it is better to err on the side of caution and drink the filtered stuff. Some of you might be thinking, ew, water, no fun! And while that is fair, you need to stay hydrated. So, add fruit or lemon to your water, or opt for tea. Other healthy drinks like kombucha are a great alternative to soda.

What’s kombucha? Kombucha is a non-alcoholic, lightly fermented, bubbly probiotic tea. It is packed with healthy things like, B-Vitamins, antioxidants, active enzymes, glucuronic acids and amino acids, and is low in sugar. It is delicious, but might not be for everyone.

Take Breaks

  • Stretch
  • Go for a walk
    • The circulation of oxygen in the blood gets the mind back on track
  • Release some tension
    • Stretch in your chair
    • Flex your toes
    • Stretch your neck
    • Roll your shoulders
  • Workout at your desk or head to the gym
    • Many companies either have a gym onsite (a la Google and others) or they have a monetary break for gym memberships (if you use them x amount of times/month)

Make Wellness Fun

Get feedback. Whether you are on a holiday planning committee, an office manager, or an employee that is trying to get a wellness plan together (or even a simple plan among a few co-workers) get feedback. What types of activities do people like? What are their interests? What are your interests? The more you enjoy something, the more likely you are to stick with it!

Ramping up these efforts during this busy time of year is a great way to feel out your engagement and to give a little treat. We could all benefit from a little “me time.” Right? For example, we have a holiday committee that schedules something for just about every day in December!

12-12-2016From yoga and massages to chili cook-offs and cookie decorating, we provide fun things for everyone to enjoy to help take their minds off of how stressed they might (or might not) be. So, to start, try stress-reduction types of activities like yoga or massages. Or, perhaps break up the day with a chili cook-off or ornament decorating. Happy (and relatively stress-free) people are more productive and less likely to see if the grass is greener.

In general, lead by example. Excitement is contagious. So, encourage your co-workers, bosses, CEOs, whomever, to get involved in (whatever) wellness program you have. And yes, those desk exercises might make you look silly, but it will get your blood flowing and encourages others to follow suit.