Let’s predict your agency’s future based on the ever-changing customer experience revolution. It’s a “War of Talent” on our industry’s battleground with cultural challenges every way you turn. The “Future of Agencies” webinar offered yesterday donated some great additional insight to what you are about to learn: How is the agency footprint changing, and what’s the new model going to look like? In years to come, where are the growth pockets and the biggest trees for agencies to climb and conquer?

Your agency must be like an orchestra – a high-performing and extremely nimble one. You could have the best violin player in the world, but you won’t make the cut if that player doesn’t play in sync with the other instruments. The channel leads at your digital marketing agency have to effectively collaborate in order for a satisfied client to come out of your concert. Technology-based partnerships wouldn’t hurt your act either. These types of partners are critical in our future, and would help make your orchestra have a competitive advantage over the other acts.

Start working concurrently. The structure of your agency could make this kind of work an easy feat. The traditional waterfall approach is in the past, and something that clients don’t want to pay for anymore. An agile structure will ensure employee collaboration, as well as provide your clients insights that will keep their business. A siloed discovery of learnings within the old structure won’t be accepted in the future of agencies. Quit the natural reliance to have a “big reveal” for your clients. Immerse – Diverge – Craft – Validate. Working within a fluid structure will eliminate duplicating efforts, speed up the client delivery, and deliver them quick wins (which is what they really want). Not to mention, the culture of your team will improve with this switch. Don’t rule out inviting your clients into this culture either. Co-location where clients and agencies work together at the same place is a popular operating model on the horizon.

Continue to add unique value. The key to all of this is proactivity...we’re talking about being super proactive. Stay ahead of your clients in the digital marketing agency race. Beat the trend of clients building capabilities in-house by thinking of better outputs and ways to work for your clients. Blue Moon Digital, Inc. will keep sprinting to stay ahead of this inevitable future because of the dedication we have to our clients and fans.