Here lies the end of our site readiness blog post series, and we hope you have followed our recommendations thus far to ensure you are ready for a successful holiday in 2015! So let us finish by saying…

Support secondary conversion goals. Let’s be honest, calculating the ROI from organic search marketing campaigns is a tricky business, particularly during the holidays. Your customers often start their search here:


This is usually all done before embarking on a long, twisted journey through the internet that ends with your checkout confirmation page.

Every user that finds your site via a non-brand search phrase + does not convert on that visit, is an opportunity in the form of secondary conversion goals. Keep these users in your funnel by incorporating these key features into your holiday site content and page design. Just be sure to track your performance in Google Analytics:

  • Email sign-ups – new visitors from natural search can significantly boost the size of your email list and drive assisted conversions through that channel
  • Retargeting cookies
  • Micro conversions with interactive site content – users who click through the full holiday guide or shopping recommendation plugins on your site, demonstrate the effectiveness of that content for your target market. Keep an eye on performance and adjust your content and presentation when the engagement starts to slide.
  • Social shares

In today’s complex digital world, the perfect mix of holiday preparation, execution, and success only happen once in a Blue Moon – let us help you control the tide this year! Contact us to learn more at