As a CEO, I’m learning so much about working-from-home. It is one thing to know about the nuances of working remotely as we had staff that were remote before I, along with my staff, transitioned to a semi-permanent WFH situation. But it is entirely different to live it! We have 100 employees at Blue Moon Digital, and we are under a mandated working from home structure that began on March 16th. We are now in our 11th week and even though Colorado’s Stay at Home order is lifting, I believe we will continue to work from home for the foreseeable future.

Having all remote workers has given us quite a few advantages. Commute time is no more than a minute, both ways. Getting-ready time has been greatly reduced as most of us only worry about the top half of our look now and can chillax in the bottom half. We have less distractions, we have completely reduced our travel expenses, we have proven we can sell remotely, and we, along with our clients, partners, and prospects, have embraced Zoom meetings.

But there are stresses with too many Zoom meetings and not enough human socialization. I know this for myself and for each and every one of my staff. So, we created a number of fun, engaging, stress relief activities to keep employees connected. This ranges from virtual, small class instructor-led Pilates classes, bake-off challenges, Happy Hours, exercise challenges, and one of my favorites, “Arts and Crafts Fridays.”

We had the highest level of engagement, most staff participants and most smiles, in our recent “Arts and Crafts Fridays” session. This particular session wasn’t so much about making a craft, but “How to Slime During a Zoom meeting.” Yes, I’m talking slime—that squishy substance created from glue and borax. But it wasn’t just any slime. We received customized Blue Moon Digital slime from Sloomoo Institute.

The custom slime that the Sloomoo Institute created for our team was this brilliant blue and white Icee Slime that had a cinnamon sugar donut scent and was enhanced with cute little moons and stars. Who would have known such a slime could exist? Then, individual small containers of our custom slime were sent to each of my employees’ home addresses.

Best yet, we had the curator, Karen Robinovitz as our guest instructor to show us how to be great slimers. Who would have thought that there would be a technic to table sliming? t’s true and it is fun. It was fabulous to see all my smiling employees! Look at the video! I haven’t stopped playing with my slime. It sits on my desk. Every day, especially during longer Zoom meetings where I mainly listen and occasionally contribute, I get out the slime and it truly releases tension, relieves stress and I start smiling.

So, I highly recommend sliming! It has been a fun gift, a WFH accessory, and a great way to show my staff that I understand there is a lot of pressure with back-to-back Zoom meetings. Hopefully, a little bit of slime can help relieve some stress, even if only for a moment.