With so many things to check off the holiday prep list, automated email campaign updates are often skipped. It is beneficial to implement changes to your email triggers before Black Friday, which officially signifies the kick off of the holiday season. During this time, new and old consumers will be shopping your site, signing up for your emails, and abandoning their shopping carts. You want to maximize the potential of these consumers by placing holiday content in front of them at the optimal time.

For consumers that have been loyal followers of your brand, updating your automated campaigns will let them know that you are not just batch and blasting email campaigns with no purpose. This shows consumers that you are taking the time to evaluate your campaigns and sending them the most relevant, up-to-date content. If a consumer sees a holiday specific shopping cart abandonment email, they may be more enticed to shop your Holiday Lookbook or your Gift Guide. By taking the opportunity to remind them of the abandoned items, as well as showing them holiday opportunities, they will be more likely to shop from those emails.

Plan ahead and prepare your email creative at the beginning of November. This will allow you time to edit as needed, and get your message just right. If you are updating all of your automated campaigns, try to formulate a theme. From gift boxes, to snowflakes and ribbons, the theme will help tie all of your holiday campaigns together.

Review and Update the following Automated Campaigns:

  • Shopping Cart Abandonment
  • Welcome Series
  • Order Confirmation
  • Site Abandonment
  • Post-Purchase Follow Up
  • Post-Purchase Review Requests

If you do not have the bandwidth or the staff to update all of these campaigns, then we recommend that your Shopping Cart Abandonment campaign include a top and/or bottom banner that speaks to your Holiday Gift Guide or Holiday Lookbook. This will allow consumers already adding items to their cart to be informed of the Holiday gifting options available.