As we say goodbye to 2016 and welcome 2017 with open arms, we reflect on the past year and turn our attention to the one ahead. Every year there is talk of what will be trending. Here, we will focus on mobile trends.

It is clear the use of mobile devices isn’t going away. In fact, it is only predicted to gain in strength. So, incorporating mobile into your overall marketing strategy is a great way to start off the year.

Here are three mobile trends to keep in mind when building your marketing strategy.

Top Mobile Trends:

Talk to Search

Talk to search allows for less interaction with the device. Which, could lead us to the topic of AI and voice command electronics, but that is for a different day. Anyway, voice queries are also longer in request, more dynamic, and more frequently focused for audio-video content. Meaning, search engines (and onsite copy) will need to become more focused on natural language and how users actually speak.

Voice search has come a long way in the past years. But there is always room for growth! Search engines will now need to get better by learning to understand phonetic characteristics.

Micro Moments

You’ve covered the basics, right? Things like a responsive design for your website. Now, think of all the formats of content that you can use the more you interact with your audience. What does their path look like? What do they want you to provide them? How can you fill their needs?

Match those journeys to customer personas. Then, tailor the content to the personas. For example, most mobile users watch videos without sound, so stand out by providing text over the video. And be sure to leverage location-based services.

GPS is on all mobile devices these days. Leveraging location-based services will get you in front of your audience at the moment of consideration. And location-based services will only further evolve to give users more tailored, real-time benefits such as coupons or deals based on their location.

For micro moments, think 100% accessibility all-of-the-time.

Virtual Reality

When you think VR, most think gaming. Not only will you be able to plug handsets into any mobile device to wander VR worlds, watch movies, and (of course) game. But, think of what it could do for eCommerce! You could give your shoppers an even deeper personalized online shopping experience, all from the comfort of their home! Yes, please.

The draw back now, is that not all mobile devices are compatible with VR headsets. However, it is expected that VR sets will be available on more devices in the coming year. Especially since Zuckerberg and company purchased Oculus Rift (a Kickstarter VR company) in 2014.

Mobile was #trending in the number one spot for digital trends for the last three years. Now, most companies have tailored their user experience to mobile by adopting responsive design for their emails, popovers, and websites as a whole. Which is awesome! But, mobile can’t simply be a “trend.”

How your business appears on mobile devices, or rather what cues you are sending to search engines (a la Google and their mobile-first mantra, learn more here) is important for SERP rankings.

So, overall, as long as you are considering mobile as a vital piece of your marketing mix and by keeping these mobile trends in mind, you’ll be off to a great 2017.

Welcome to the future of mobile.