It’s Time to Shake Off the Retail Disruption and Thrive through Data Democratization

And for us, that means moving all our agency reporting from spreadsheets to data visualizations and asking better questions that data can answer.

We believe that innovation is key to thriving in this always-on environment. Part of innovation is utilizing more technology to target, personalize, and respond to real-time consumer behaviors. That means even more reporting data. So, to thrive in this ever-changing retail landscape, retailers must continually improve by keeping a close pulse on their business and acting quickly.

Blue Moon Digital has teamed up with Domo, the leading 3rd generation Business Intelligence platform, to launch all our agency channel reporting on an easily-accessible platform where you can visualize your data 24 hours a day – on any device. We have wired up all the different marketing toolkits (ESPs, Google Analytics, Adobe, Adwords, Doubleclick, Sale Force Marketing Cloud, Brightedege, Search Console, eCommerce platforms and more!).

And we’ve asked better questions to help gain faster insights from the data. An example is our SEO dashboard. It wires up to different data sources like Google Search Console, Screaming Frog, Brightedge, your Analytics platform, Google Trends, and your eCommerce platform (to name a few). This enables us to answer questions like “Which keywords will have my biggest impact,” “How well are PPC and SEO working together,” “What site performance items should I focus on to improve rankings?”

Our clients get their own license to Domo (meaning with a single sign-on they will be able to see all their data together in one place)! No more waiting for Monday morning, only to get the rear-view mirror synopsis.

Data visualization enables better data-driven decision making. You’re able to see trends and insights instantly, making collaboration across departments easier, faster, and obtain results sooner.

But we didn’t stop there, now that all the data is in one place, we asked our data scientists to create algorithms to predict order volume with incredible accuracy. You’ll be able to start predicting what the next 30 days look like. If you don’t like what you see, you have time to make changes.

Don’t get me wrong, Excel is a fantastic tool. I’ve used it for years, and I can get lost in an afternoon of vlookups, pivot tables, building graphs, uncovering insights, and compelling data points I didn’t realize were there. Visualizing the data will almost certainly lead me to walk rapidly into my CEO’s office, “Oh my gosh, did you realize…?!”

Maybe you’re like me, one who can get lost in hours of Excel analysis. Or maybe you cringe when your agency sends you reams of Excel reports looking back at what happened last week when all you want to know is what is happening today, or what you can expect tomorrow.

We all know the retail industry is experiencing a major disruption. To survive, businesses must innovate and create an accessible, convenient, affordable, and exciting experience for their consumers.

It’s time to look ahead. We’re coming out of the other side of this retail disruption, and it’s time we thrive.