Loyalty programs are a portion of an overall relationship strategy that reward customers based on their lifetime value. These rewards help entice customers to return to your brand and continue purchasing.

Loyalty emails have the perks, they can add personalization to your overall campaign strategy through the data collected. Loyalty emails give you the opportunity to reach out to your customers so that your brand is top of mind; and can shorten the time between purchases by informing the customer they are close to a reward.

Emails can turn up the support of a loyalty program by implementing a welcome series. This series can reiterate the benefits of the program (early access to sales/new arrivals, points towards future purchases). They can also inform customers of ways to earn points (completing their profile, refer friends, write product reviews). Your brand can also benefit from email by including your social links to encourage customers to engage with your social media sites.

Keep your loyalty program top of mind by sending customers a monthly point statement with a link to their account. Include the customers current point balance along with points needed to achieve their next reward.

Influence a purchase by notifying a customer their next reward is within reach. Include actionable messaging along with current point balance and points needed to reach the reward. If rewards can be earned in store, consider adding a sub-block for the customer’s nearest store location.

Communicate loyalty program benefits through reward achievement notifications and reward expiration reminders. Be sure to include reward details and any stipulations (expiration date, number of rewards redeemed per transaction). If utilizing a tiered program, be sure to include their current status level as well as details regarding how to reach the next level.

Email Exclusivity. Email offers to loyal customers only (early sale access, double point weekends, and limited rewards). Make your customers feel valued, include messaging that the offer is exclusive to them, and be sure to add any stipulations around the offer such as expiration dates.

Give away incentives to deliver targeted messages to your loyal customers who are often willing to share personal information (birthday/anniversary). These occasions add a personal touch between your brand and customer relationships. Consider sending birthday or anniversary emails to your loyalty customers with an incentive to shop or automatically add bonus points to their account.

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