Our VP of Digital Media, Garrett, is here to give you a run down about Facebook sunsetting their FBX inventory and what that means for you.


Why is this important? Well, ok we know that Social Media is a big part of many people’s day. So much so that Social Networking accounts for one in every five minutes spent on the internet.

Which means there is a lot to be gained from social media ads.

What is changing?

Beginning November 1, Facebook is sunsetting its FBX inventory. Meaning, historical data will remain but FBX inventory will be no more, and advertisers will no longer be able to use this exchange as part of their display media buys.

After this transition, maintaining a Facebook ad presence will force advertisers to use Facebook Direct or purchase this inventory through a 3rd party reseller. Any advertiser using FBX retargeting should be taking note.

Love it or hate it, FBX Inventory is soon to be over. But, there are benefits.

There will be access to Facebook audience insight data which will allow advertisers to get a detailed look at the social and demographic profile of their users, as well as access to the very rich user targeting available only through Facebook.

GA data allows for deep-dive analyses to evaluate last-click conversions, revenue, and where the social impact is in the conversion path (first touch vs. last touch)

Which means that us here at BMDi will be able to report directly through Facebook, as well as track all click revenue through DoubleClick Tags to give insights to social campaign impact.  Working through Doubleclick tags will also deduplicate our campaigns’ impact against media partners as well as paid search.

Additionally, Facebook has some of the strongest cross-device targeting capabilities, which means that BMDi can help enhance your mobile strategy in a multi-device world.

That only brushes the surface about what to expect when Facebook officially sunsets FBX inventory November 1st.

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Thanks guys, see you later.