As an account manager, it is crucial to stay up to speed on not only client performance, but the competitive landscape, customers, business vertical, the digital marketing world, and pretty much anything else that does or does not come to mind. While I have been working fervently on becoming omniscient, my brain is not quite there yet. Fortunately, there are many tools that help client services stay on top of our game. What are those tools? I’m glad you asked.

So, how do we know what is going on…

…with our website? Analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Omniture help provide a picture of what is happening onsite, from traffic sources to distinct paths to conversion and much more. These tools help us take the data and start to turn it into something digestible.

…with our reporting? Once we have the data, we want to be able to manipulate it, to pull out what is important to us and, naturally, make it look cool. Through Google Sheets, some magic from our Analytics team, and an add-on API, we have come to use several automated reports that populate a PowerPoint document with beautiful data visualization at the push of an ‘enable content’ button.

…with our projects? I wish I could memorize each and every piece of the puzzle and where they are all supposed to end up. But unfortunately, my mind is not quite that dexterous. This is where a project management tool, such as MavenLink or Basecamp, comes into play. When our thoughts are sprinting in 18 different directions at once, it is important to have a tool that helps us refocus and stay on track, as well as communicate progress to our teams.

…in our vertical? By paying attention to what is going on in the specific business verticals, whether that is fashion, fitness, or something else entirely, we can meet our customers on their digital journey and find the best way to communicate with them. Google Trends is a great indicator of interest in your brand. Women’s Wear Daily, for example, provides top stories in fashion and design, giving an up-to-date picture of what is going on in the competitive landscape.

…in the digital marketing industry? In digital, an unannounced change in an algorithm can sneak up and impact a brand’s performance and it’s our job to stay ahead of that. The best resource we have as to what is going on in the digital world is each other. I find myself surrounded by intelligent people who are always reading, learning, and joining conversations with others in the field to become better in their area of expertise. Build a conversation around that space to keep growing your industry knowledge.

There are countless tools available to help with insights, automation, and productivity. When deciding which to use, determine what you are trying to accomplish and look for a tool that will get you as close to that specific goal as possible. Here’s to you staying on top of your game!