As the snow melts away into summertime daydreams, thoughts turn to baby animals, flowers blooming, sunshine on patios and, of course, spring cleaning. This same bright outlook on the season can be applied to our digital marketing efforts. As spring is a slower period in many industries, it is the perfect opportunity to clean up and put new life into our campaigns. Take a look at where your customers are during this time of the year and respond accordingly.

So if your business is slower during the springtime, what do you do? How can you take advantage of these quiet moments?

  • Dig Deep – and I’m not just talking about your garden
    • Get into the data from peak season performance, or of last year’s slow season, and see what worked. When you have the time to dig deep, take advantage of it. Pay attention to both new and repeat customers, as they most likely have different behaviors.
    • Be sure to look at the appropriate metrics for what you are trying to accomplish. Yes, sales are good, but if you spent the last six months focusing on rebranding, the bottom line might not be the best measure. Social engagement, share of voice, or time spent on your blog and other content pages might be a better indicator of how your brand story is resonating.
  • Do something with your data
    • Now that you have worked through all of your data, and potentially pulled up some past data that you have not yet utilized, take a look at how it impacts the next three months? Next six months? Next year? Use that data to adjust your current strategy and test some of your brilliant ideas.
  • Try new things
    • Speaking of testing…. Slower months are the perfect time to try something that is outside of your comfort zone. The lower volume helps to minimize risk and gives you direction on where to go next. Try a non-brand lift study, a new affiliate partner, or a unique placement opportunity in display to see if your ideas and inklings have any clout.
  • Gear up for what’s next
    • Creating content takes time. Writing blogs, editing video, curating photos, and optimizing each piece for SEO are not 20-minute tasks. When you are digging around in all of that data, look at keyword opportunities and develop a few pieces of evergreen content that can live onsite year round. These long-term pieces will build and hold authority throughout the year.
    • Before you get back into a peak season, you want to be sure you are making the most of each email you send. Our Senior Email Strategist explains how to remove clutter from your email subscriber list and how a larger list isn’t always best for the bottom line.
  • Take a deep breath
    • Inhale. Exhale. Remember to breathe. While things are slow take a vacation (or at least a walk) and refresh your mind so you are on top of your game when the craziness hits again, because you know it will.

The bottom line, take advantage of this lull by experimenting and pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone. But do so with tact and a deep understanding of your data.