As far as social goes, for most of us, Facebook was our first love! But, a lot has changed since 2004. Now, there is Snapchat, Twitter’s Periscope, and Live streaming video (to name a few). Not to mention 370 years of video is watched across social channels (Twitter, Vine, Facebook, etc.) per day. So, what is a brand to do? How is it possible to keep up in this ever-changing world of the Internet of Things.

Below are key tips and trends to help keep you up to speed in the world of social video. 

Video Trends:

  • Shorter clips generate higher engagement
  • Longer clips work well for building audiences (use the 95% rule to measure intent)
  • 40% of women interacting are 18-24
  • 40% of men interacting with FB video are 25-34
  • Audio can have an impact, but visuals should be first
  • FB Live is engaged with nearly 135% more than regular video

Facebook outperforms regarding sharability, reach and daily use, and user trust

Facebook Stats/Trends:

  • One in five page views in the US occurs on Facebook
  • People spend 40min/day on FB vs. 19 min exercising (not surprising)
  • FB video dominates because of native video, organic reach, and custom audiences
    • Native video generates 135% higher organic reach compared to other content

Facebook can build audiences from engaged users. So, to build an audience, add users who watched +3 seconds of video or 95% of your video. Also, FB allows you to interact with users you know have already shown interest in your brand. Now that is working smarter, not harder.

In addition:

  • Build LAL audiences (Lookalike audiences) off of your custom audiences
  • 85% of Facebook video is viewed in silence.
    • Ensure that content is visually inspiring and doesn’t require audio
  • Grassroots/natural-looking video and Live video (like the lady with the Chewbacca mask) tend to perform better than “curated looking” content

Be sure to talk about things that your audience wants to hear. That might sound like common sense, but sometimes common sense tends to be sense that is not so common. Anyway, choose colorful topics, create your own voice on trends, and immediately grab users’ attention (preferably within the first few seconds).

Don’t have video assets? No problem, use .gifs, stop-motion animation, or any other video-esc creative that will get people engaged.

Snapchat: 6b views/day. Discover gets 60mm monthly visitors (unproven monetization)

Snapchat Stats:

  • Most active social network behind Facebook
  • Brand adoption surpassed Twitter and Linkedin
  • Higher engagement because content disappears w/in 24hrs

Recently, at the Digital Summit Denver, Carlos Gil of BMC Software shared his insights for using Snapchat for your business. Mainly, humanizing your brand and really engaging with your target demographic. Sounds easy enough, right? But let’s look further into what grows your followers.

3 Keys for growing followers:

  • Leverage existing social media channels
  • Hire social media influencers
  • Run paid ads targeting Snapchat users

Snapchat is a little bit of an unexplored territory for brands. But, that is changing on a daily basis.

How to use Snapchat for your business

None of your social followership goes away when you join Snapchat. There is still value in your other social platforms. However, there does need to be a different strategy than your other social platforms.

Keys for creating content:

  • Be human, transparent and fun. Look for brand advocates who can talk about you
  • Behind the scenes content
  • Geofilter testing
  • Run a flash sale with a coupon code
  • Develop a 12-18 month strategy

Also, influencers on Snapchat are a big deal, and they provide both reach and storytelling skills. So use influencers whenever you can (just don’t overdo it).

  • Influencers have a tribe of followers which they can bring to your account
  • Sephora hires beauty bloggers for demos
  • Google your industry and “top bloggers” to see who the influencers are in your space

You know that the social media landscape is ever-changing, but these trends will remain relevant for a while. Especially things like “be human.” Staying relevant in the social landscape is easier said than done. But, just remember, you got this! And if you feel like you don’t, help isn’t far away.