You work hard to drive qualified traffic to your website, so why not work just as hard (or harder) to ensure shoppers stick around? Call it what you want, conversion rate optimization (CRO), usability testing, shopability, shoptimization, et al., just make sure you invest in eliminating roadblocks that hinder your site performance. Here are three reasons why you need to invest in conversion optimization studies and site usability testing in 2016:

  1. Mobile commerce represents 30% of all U.S. ecommerce and isn’t slowing down*
  2. The cost of fixing an error after development is 100x the cost of fixing it before development completion**
  3. Conversion rates increase on average by 20% after implementing onsite recommendations discovered from conducting a conversion optimization study***

Creating a seamless user experience across device is paramount for brands to cultivate lifelong customer relationships. Conducting site usability studies on a consistent basis (we recommend a minimum of two per year) will help you achieve your goals as well as your customers’ intent.

The basic objective of conducting a site usability study is to evaluate the effectiveness of your site’s design, functionality, navigation structure, user flows, and any conversion paths that will expose the current state of the site experience and customer behavior. Putting this into regular practice will yield great improvements in the overall effectiveness of your site, consumers’ engagement, and ultimately boost conversions.

Components of Shopability:


Sounds simple, right? Not exactly… a certified usability analyst and proper tools are needed to successfully execute the study without compromise and achieve statistical significance.

Ready to get started? Contact Us and we’ll design a custom study that will set you up for continued success in 2016.

*, **, ***Blue Moon Digital Internal Data