With the holiday’s right around the corner, it’s time for everyone to start planning and preparing. One easy win that everyone should participate in is audience segmentation. This will provide an overall better shopping experience for the user while providing further insights into your marketing efforts. Below are reasons why you should be taking part.

Does any consumer have the exact same habits? We all know that people have different ways of making a purchase. When we establish our digital marketing campaigns, why would we treat any two users the same? Having the ability to segment all users into smaller audiences is a great way to create a more personalized experience for the user by using what you may already know about them. By tailoring messaging, promotions, items, or even display banners, we connect with the user on a deeper level, creating a stronger bond between user and brand.

The first step to creating different audience segments is to start looking at what details you already know about your users. Whether you have access to Google Analytics, customer order information, or retargeting pixels placed onsite, any information is useful information. You want to use this data to group your audiences into the best fit for your segments. Age, location, and gender are obvious options that can be established to provide lift. If retargeting pixels are placed across your website, use these as much as possible. If you know a user has been to specific pages on site, tailor the ads they see to their interests. Not only will those users be more responsive to click through, but also have a greater chance to make the purchase.

Do you think different audience segments will be attracted by the same product features? Do you think the ideal use for your product will be the same across all age ranges? Learning what each audience responds to best is an ongoing effort with continuous testing and a process of elimination. Keep testing each audience and advertising opportunity to hone in on the best performing qualities for each audience. Learn from previous attempts and gather relevant data about each audience to arm your brand moving forward.

Make this holiday user experience the best yet. Segment your audiences and tailor your ads to fit their needs. Utilize messaging in a way that will make your audience feel unique. The more you can connect with the user on a personal level, the greater the bond between your brand and the user becomes.