Let’s talk about the origins of this phenomenon, the Denver digital agency, and where to watch for the blue moon in the Front Range. Tomorrow, July 31st, not only marks the day we celebrate J.K. Rowling’s birth, but also the first blue moon to grace our skies in 3 years. Scientifically, a blue moon is the second full moon to occur within a calendar month. A full moon requires the sun, earth, and moon to be in alignment, making two within one month particularly rare. Hence the phrase “Once in a Blue Moon” (or every 2.7 years to be exact). Astrologers define blue moons as significant cosmic events that are “emotionally charged” due to the lunar power at play in the universe. All differences aside, both scientists and astrologers agree that blue moons are important, rare and beautiful.

The Agency

From the close partnerships we develop with our clients and our vibrant company culture, to our use of predictive analytics and industry leading technology, the way Blue Moon Digital, Inc. does business is truly rare amongst other digital agencies. Our subsequent results are nothing short of magical. Blue Moon Digital’s superior digital marketing services will continue to set us apart from the pack.

Where to Watch

Check out the locations below if you’re looking to amplify the magic during the last blue moon we will see until January 2018.

  • The Peaks Lounge at the Hyatt Regency
    • Listed as the highest rooftop bar in Denver, The Peaks Lounge at the Hyatt Regency provides stunning 27th floor panoramic views and a solid list of Colorado cocktails to enjoy.
    • 650 15th in Downtown Denver, (303) 436-1234, $$$
  • The Blue Moon Brewing Company at The Sandlot
    • Will you be able to even see the moon? No promises.  But your beer drinking theme will be on-point for the night and their new White IPA is worth the trip.
    • 2161 Blake St. in Downtown Denver, (303) 298-1587, $$
  • Cranmer Park
    • Located in the Hilltop Neighborhood of Denver, Cranmer Park is not only a great place for a Blue Moon viewing, but also the historical site of Blue Moon Digital’s 2015 kickball victory. Grab the family and picnic basket before heading to Denver’s highest park.
    • 4501 E. 1st in Denver, Free

Enjoy the view we will all share tomorrow!