Recently, AdWords stepped up its game by providing insight into your Shopping campaigns straight from the platform. With more insight comes more capabilities to segment, strategize, and report. Let’s explore these updates!

New insights & capabilities include:

  • Product Status
    • Gain visibility into top and low performing, out of stock, or disapproved products.
      • Want to know why a top converting campaign is down this month? By having visibility into the product status you can quickly pinpoint if inventory was causing the dip in performance. With this easy to find, all-access granted data, stay up-to-date with your products’ status for maximum efficiency.
  • Effective Max CPC
    • Adjust bids directly at the product level.
      • Notice a product bid is set too low? Just one click of the Effective Max CPC takes you directly to the product group that specific product resides. From there, easily increase your bid.
  • Additional Columns for Inventory Status for Product Groups
    • Provides insight into products that are ready to serve and approved, as well as the total number of submitted products for each group.
      • Instead of having to dig into the depths of Merchant Center, you can now easily see what products need updating so your campaigns can reach their maximum potential.
  • Performance Analysis
    • Build custom tables and charts with brand or product type attributes within AdWords Report Editor.
      • Easily build a report from a drag-and-drop interface with custom charts (table, line chart, pie chart or bar chart), and advanced filtering and sorting capabilities.

Take a look and dive into the endless possibilities your shopping data has to offer! Get to know, understand, and analyze your performance so you can take your shopping strategy to the next level with the new capabilities available in AdWords.

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