As the days get shorter so does the retail countdown to the end of another holiday season. Consumers are bombarded with marketing messages galore. It’s important to stay on their nice list this holiday season by keeping in mind these media manners.

  • DO:
    • Be Mobile-Friendly – Consumers spend more than 15 hours a week on mobile sites and in mobile apps, so be sure to create content and campaigns that are mobile friendly. Also make sure that your promotions properly reflect your user’s mobile shopping experience.
    • Be Visual – Create compelling ads designed specifically for the holiday season to draw users’ attention.
    • Be Relevant – Adhere to the user’s emotions using these five principles to create compelling messaging:
      1. Pain – Think about your customer’s pain points and use them to your advantage.
      2. Emotion – Ask yourself what moves your customer to look for your product and use that need to build a connection.
      3. Fear – Think of what customers fear or what they could miss out on without your product.
      4. Ego – Put yourself in the consumer’s shoes and ask yourself what’s in it for them.
      5. Contrast – Highlight what differentiates your product from your competitors.
    • Be Tactful – If you are projecting a certain lift in conversion rate for the holiday season through the end of December, make sure to align your budget accordingly.
    • Be Forward-Thinking – Gather info from your customers about their holiday shopping experience so you can use insights in your strategies next year!
  • DON’T:
    • Stress Customers Out – Shoppers are already anxious and burnt-out from holiday messaging. Give them what they want with clear and concise messaging that tells them what they need to know to make a purchase.
    • Play It Safe – Be on the lookout and do not assume your regular competitors are going to be the only players in your space. Make sure your paid search positions are not changing in search engine results during the holiday season.

Bonus Tip: You probably haven’t heard that big data is powerful (wink, wink). Here’s one way to put it to use this holiday season in a meaningful way: Consider using your product inventory data to get creative with your paid search campaigns. Pull inventory data for your top selling products and let consumers know there is limited time to shop their favorite products! This will surely help you stand out from the pack.

Hope these digital media advertising tips serve as a good reminder during this busy time of year that good manners are always in season.