Here is our closing post of the #nightmarebeforeholiday series, and we hope we’ve helped you with some of your woes. We have taken another question you’ve likely heard, and are laying out the answer by interviewing our channel experts. So let’s get to another common worry associated with email… and remember, deep breaths.

During the holidays, every retailer increases their email sending volume, but it is difficult to make sure your email stands out amongst the rest.

Issue #5: “Email volume is outrageous during the holidays. How can I make my messages stand out?”

To solve this problem, I went to Vicki Campana’s desk because she’s Blue Moon Digital’s Senior Email Strategist so she knows a whole lot of something about the solution:

In order to keep your subscribers attention during the holidays, here are a few quick tips:

  • Make sure that your email templates are responsively designed and easy to navigate on mobile
    • The easier you make it for consumers to navigate your emails, the more likely they are to shop
  • Create compelling and eye catching subject lines
    • Use short and different subject lines so you stand out among the others in the inbox
  • Include pre-header text to continue your subject line message
    • Including this allows you to add more content to your initial message
  • Utilize personalized and relevant content in your email creative
    • Include recommended products or items previously browsed on site to speak directly to the consumer
  • Create a sense of urgency to drive traffic
    • When ending a sale, emphasize ‘Last Chance’ or call out ‘Limited Quantities’ when relevant
  • Make your Call To Action button enticing and bold
    • Try new colors, bolder text, and different verbiage to drive customers to click

We hope these last four episodes will help you avoid a holiday nightmare this year so that you can actually enjoy the holidays. Stay tuned for more content to help you and your brand make the most of 2015… until next time!