Presenting our third installment of common #nightmarebeforeholiday moments we don’t want you to experience this year! You have a great idea, but you’re missing the how. We’ve been there. So we’ve taken some questions (that I’m sure you’ve heard asked often before), and interviewed our channel experts to help answer:

Issue #4: “There is a fine line between effective retargeting and full on cyber stalking. I hope my customers don’t see me as the latter!”

We approached this from an obvious display perspective… so naturally we went and bugged Emily Callender (BMDi Digital Display Strategist) again for her words of wisdom on the topic:

Targeting consumers in a way that is efficient and not invasive can be a challenge for a lot of companies. It’s an obvious goal of most advertisers to keep their brand at the top of their consumers’ minds. In order to do this, it’s always good to have efficient retargeting tactics in place to ultimately drive return and conversions on-site.

A strategy we always consider for our advertisers is to put impression caps on campaigns from the beginning of its launch. When starting a new campaign, we will typically take a look at an audience size in Google Analytics and compare it to the number of impressions we are projected to serve. Once you’re able to get a better idea of a client’s audience size and what the reach will be, you can calculate out what the number of impressions per user may be.

A good rule of thumb for the number of impressions to serve per user, per day is around five to seven ads. This is pending creative in rotation, and dynamic versus static ads.

We hope this helps you, but please visit our contact page should you need more information. Stay tuned for our last episode of #nightmarebeforeholiday!