You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. You have a great idea, but you’re missing the how. We’ve been there. And who can fault our pre-holiday, maxed out marketing brains? So to avoid a #nightmarebeforeholiday moment, we’ve taken some commonly asked questions and tapped our channel experts.

Issue #1: It seems like the perfect time to reengage my inactive customers. If only I knew how…

For this common marketing issue, we explored two options. First, we polled our resident Digital Display Strategist, Emily Callender, for her point of view. Display advertising allows for brands to tap into their current client list and serve unique messaging directly to that audience. So let’s leverage that.

Here’s the breakdown:

The current list of email subscribers to any brand can be uploaded and matched through IP address to be served a specific ad set. Which can be useful in many ways:

  1. This list can be broken out by high, medium, or low intent based upon purchase history.
  2. Tap into your audience in their Gmail through Gmail Sponsored Promotions.
    1. Target your own domain to supplement email content to users who may not be opening actual emails that are sent.
  3. Match email list in Facebook to target intent groups through social display.

Now, from an email channel perspective. For this portion we asked our Senior Email Strategist, Carolyn Meyer. Similar to display, there are five ways this can be done successfully:

  1. Come up with a unique offer for anyone who has been inactive for 3-6 months. Promote this offer via email as part of a 3-drip reengagement email campaign.
  2. Send a Permission Pass email to subscribers that have been inactive for 12+ months. Ask them to re-subscribe if they wish to receive exclusive access to holiday promotions and gift guides.
  3. Offer a special gift with purchase to anyone who has not previously purchased from you.
  4. Identify customers that only purchase during the months of November and December. Target them with gift buying/gift giving messaging that relates to their buying behavior.
  5. Don’t overwhelm inactive subscribers with your standard slew of marketing messages. Speak to them directly with highly relevant and targeted messages.

So there you have it. A few tried and true ways to reengage your customers. Choose your favorite channel and start your game plan today!