There’s no debating that technological advances have forever changed the way we as consumers behave. Your mobile device, shorter than an arm’s reach away, has and will continue to revolutionize the way you engage with the world around you. Whether searching for the latest and greatest close by, or pausing mid-conversation to look something up relevant to the topic, that handheld device you call a phone has sneakily become your very own personal assistant. Essentially, we have acquired a smart “thing” that equips us with “what to know”, “where to go”, “how to do”, and “let me buy right now” moments that create opportunities for brands to connect.

For brands to win these “in the moment” happenings, they must seek to understand customers’ needs and take action:

  1. Know thyself and thy customer
  2. Identify key moments of the customer journey
  3. Initiate a digital dialogue (must be relevant, useful, and compelling)
  4. Orchestrate seamlessly and in context across channels
  5. Continually test, enhance, and measure impact

In the U.S., more Google searches are occurring on mobile devices than computers, according to Google Internal Data, April 2015. The proliferation of mobile devices has yielded the evolution of customer “in the moment” engagement. As brands and marketers, we must do more than just keep up. In this day and age, in order to thrive we must become inventors. So ask yourself this, are you prepared to market in the moment?