There are a lot of recognizable ‘people’ sitting at the metaphorical (or virtual?) artificial intelligence table – Cortona, Siri, Alexa, Watson. All are great examples of how artificial intelligence is changing our behavior by understanding our needs and making our lives easier. With Domo’s announcement at this year’s annual Domopalooza event, it appears they will be joined by a new, business savvy friend – Mr. Roboto.

While Mr. Roboto enters a large field of AI Platforms, it is the first tool to fully integrate intelligent learning into a business cloud.

These platforms thrive with managing large data and diverse datasets. As Domo continues to allow for easy and quick integration across tools and platforms in the business landscape, Mr. Roboto will become more capable of delivering valuable business insights.

These insights come in two forms. First are alerts via the Alert Center. The Alert Center monitors data consumption patterns for both individuals and organizations, thus enabling them to create anomaly detection and alert (hence the name) users to any relevant changes in behavior or metrics. Today, companies spend large amounts of time gathering and cleaning data to answer specific business questions. While the company moves forward, these common reports often remain a routine for fear of becoming blind to function and performance in certain areas.

The second set of insights predicts anomalies through Data Science. Data Science allows for prediction of what certain metrics will be and allows users to better anticipate for the future. While big data has allowed us to leverage large datasets to make better business decisions, AI will allow organizations to have their common data questions answered in real-time, allowing for the formation of new questions to push business development and innovation.

Domo has already empowered organizations to bring data together from different sources, tools and channels of their business to gain new perspectives. Mr. Roboto immediately augments this new perspective and helps the user understand the landscape while also monitoring the foundation that you have built.

The Alert Center will be available to Domo users in late spring 2017 while the release of Data Science is planned for the later this year.