I am privileged to work with people who are smarter than I am.

I don’t say it enough, but I find inspiration from my teammates all the time. They challenge me, they think differently than I do, they question everything. In so doing, they make ideas come alive.

This really hit me when we were shortlisted for the 2019 Glossy Awards. When I offer someone a chance to get into my head (scary I know), I like to set expectations. For instance, I went to the Glossy Awards, a truly humbling night, I walked away confident about these two things.

First, the fact that out of thousands of submissions, ours made the top six. The top six! Second, and perhaps more importantly, on my team’s dynamic abilities. On the Blue Moon side, I thought of Cayli, who raises her hand and always focuses on the future. Alyssa, who challenges us to get on her level, to think faster, and be better. And, Lauren and Jenna, with their unparalleled ability to stay organized and roll with the punches in an ever-changing landscape.

Cassie at Glossy Awards

I felt proud to represent them at the Glossy Awards Gala, and I reflected on how fitting it was that Icebreaker was the team that brought us all together.

Candice Huffine was the keynote speaker and emcee of the event, and in her opening remarks, she did something unique: she thanked the brands in the audience for her success. She talked about her career as a plus-sized model, and how difficult it’s been to shift the narratives in fashion. “Now everybody is a beach body,” she said, and she described her barrier-breaking journey to be able to finally say that.

She talked about the shift in the fashion industry, and how inclusivity, social consciousness, collaboration, and sustainability are becoming the norm. This is all thanks to the change makers, the marketers, and brands in the crowd. Marketers and platforms like Salesforce and QVC. Brands like Rothy’s, Ipsy, Supergoop, ThirdLove, and DVF.

Marketers like Blue Moon Digital. Brands like Icebreaker.

You see, being in good company means we have a seat at the table with those changemakers. It means dining with brands that are rewarded daily with customer loyalty and ongoing recognition from their peers. It’s good to have a seat at this table. Really good. It means we are part of an inner circle that prioritizes social consciousness, sustainability, ethics, and collaboration. It means we are in the company of brands that recognize their responsibility to do and be better and doesn’t view things like a sustainable supply chain as a nice to have.

I’m not typically sentimental about advertising. I often think of it in the context of Ecommerce and focus on its strategic or analytical components. But I’ll admit, I got emotional. Not just because Candace Huffine is perhaps the most radiant person in the universe, but her speech struck a chord in a way I hadn’t expected.

Icebreaker and VF Corp give us a real opportunity to do more than sell things. They create stories about our earth and what they’re doing to make it better. They take ownership of their role in the supply chain, and they challenge consumers to be better. Icebreaker empowers its followers to think differently and enables us to share that message.

The Glossy Awards celebrates “innovators and changemakers” in fashion and beauty. While we didn’t win, I’m proud that we were included in that caliber of thought leadership.

I left feeling grateful and inspired.

And with that in mind, this isn’t the time to rest. We still have work to do.

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