You’re a business with an email list of customers and prospects who have signed up to get industry insider information, coupons, promotional updates, and just about anything you’d want your audience to see in their inbox to drive sales. Now with that list, what if you had the opportunity to drive leads and engage with them on another platform outside of email? Customer Match from Google provides that opportunity to leverage those users who have already confirmed that yes, they are interested in what you have to offer. From paid search to YouTube, we now can retarget those in email lists with ads and/or video content to help re-engage users who may or may not have converted via email. Why not take advantage of this opportunity? You have thousands of users who want your content. Well now you can target them with creative that is more refined… not as much of a shot in the dark.

For example, you are Yogi the Bear and you sell picnic baskets (because why not?) For the last six months, you have developed an expansive email campaign, growing a list organically via those visiting your site and signing up to receive your weekly deals. Due to being a leader in the industry who builds custom picnic baskets, you have an email list that is now up to 25,000 people. For the upcoming quarter, your revenue goals are aggressive. You realize the best customer base is one who already knows you, and who has shown a willingness to receive more from you. Looking for ways outside of email, you have a well-built keyword set focusing on custom picnic baskets and picnicking supplies for paid search, but mainly want to focus on new user interaction. You realize that with those same high funnel keywords that drive new user interactions, you can retarget those who are already familiar with the brand, but haven’t committed to ‘Yogi’s Baskets’. In order to help close the deal, you decide to offer these users a special deal via the search results page and plug it into your ad copy (i.e. 15% Off Baskets). By taking your email list and adding it as an audience via AdWords, Google automatically begins matching the email list back to Google accounts, providing the opportunity to retarget them within the example above. At Blue Moon Digital, we have found 59 – 60% match rates in the client email lists we work with. That means that an email list of 25,000 can potentially provide an audience of 15,000 who we can re-engage with via search, Gmail sponsored ads, and YouTube – that’ll help reach those aggressive revenue goals!

This holiday season is the perfect time to retarget and engage with those users who are familiar with your brand. What better way than targeting a pre-qualified email audience with other channels to drive leads more efficiently?