Last year during holiday, we saw traffic became slightly higher in December compared to November and our findings have shown that only a handful of days in November actually yield more revenue than any day in December.

There are several key days coming up that you should focus on for holiday success. The Saturday and Sunday after Black Friday return higher traffic and revenue than Thanksgiving Day. Green Monday (12/13) is the largest shopping day outside of the Black Friday through Cyber Monday timeframe. Additionally, revenue has been increasing by around 50% on both Singles Day (11/11) and Boxing Day (12/26).

Key Actions to Take for Trends

  • Buy ads between Black Friday and Cyber Monday and spend more of your budget on those days versus on Thanksgiving
  • Spend more on Cyber Monday than on Black Friday—revenue is higher and CVR will spike
  • Make sure to buy ad space on Singles Day and Boxing Day. Costs are lower compared to other key dates, but they have still proven to be high performing

Finally, below is our quick checklist of how to win during holiday 2021!

Add all the Publishers you want and confirm your Q4 Budget in September

Code freezes for Holiday will happen soon after September and you don’t want to lose out on revenue because you weren’t ready. Affiliate Placements sell out fast so set your budget early so that you can make your buys before they’re gone.

Build Awareness Early

Create gift guides on your site because it creates extra linking, content opportunities, and highlights key products for your customers to choose from. Increase your placement budget for branding awareness to begin in September so you maximize your revenue in November and December. You can’t just show up on Black Friday and expect to be successful!

Promote Curbside Pickup and Specify Shipping Days

If your business or client has a curbside pickup option, tell your publishers to increase promotion around it. Make sure publishers know your last shipping days and consider buying emails on your top publishers with one week remaining to promote your last shipping day.

Contributors: Taylor Heussner, Corporate Marketing Manager, and Dylan Day, Digital Partnerships Specialist