Most brands want to increase the size of their email list and add new subscribers to market to. Email marketing has proven, over the years, that it is a strong means of communication between you and your customers.  One of the toughest challenges for brands is how to acquire new email subscribers.

A good approach is to create an acquisition plan; setting realistic goals and focusing on the quality of the new subscribers versus the quantity. For instance, has your email list growth been 5% month over month? Then you may want to consider setting a growth goal of 10% per month. However, if your list grows from 100,000 to 200,000 over the course of a year for example, but only a small percentage of those new subscribers are purchasing, then the quality of the list growth is clearly not where it should be and you should consider new acquisition tactics.

Make sure that you utilize tactics like adding source tracking within the email platform to track where the email came from. Then analyzing, over time, how many convert from those emails. Review past acquisition tactics and determine what has worked and what has not. Evaluate if your tactics are driving new valuable subscribers, are they interacting with your emails?  Are they converting? What value does each subscriber add to your email list?

Here are some quick and easy strategies for obtaining new email subscribers.

If you do not have a home page popover to capture email addresses from site visitors, you are missing out on an easy opportunity.

  • This customer has chosen to come to your site, so remind them of the fact that they can receive emails to keep them up-to-date on brand news, promotions, special events, etc.
  • Consider offering an incentive for signing up, such as 10% off your first order, to entice the shopper to not only sign up but to also make their first purchase with you.

popover1      popover2

Always include an email sign up within the header and footer of your website.

  • The customer may instantly close out of your popover, especially if they are not familiar with your brand. Provide a sign up option within your header and footer. Once the shopper has decided they would like to receive your emails, the sign up is easily accessible.


Maximize your Facebook social media followers by providing easy access to your email sign up page.

  • Facebook now allows you to add a “Sign Up” or “Shop Now” button for quick and easy access to your website.

FBImage1    FBImage2

Promote contests and giveaways on social media and through Affiliate channels. You must require an email address to enter the contest.

  • This tactic will result in repeat subscribers, but will also result in new subscribers.
  • Be sure to send these subscribers a unique welcome message that thanks them for entering your contest and acknowledging how you received their email.

SocialImage!   SocialImage2

Maximize your Twitter followers by providing easy access to your email sign up page.

  • Send out a “promoted” tweet asking people to subscribe to your email list.
  • Utilize lead generation cards which allow current Twitter users to quickly and easily complete their submission information by clicking “Submit”.

Gate Friends and Family, Private and Surprise sales.

  • This is a great way to collect new addresses when it has been shared by current subscribers or posted to your social media pages.


Utilize your paid media channels to assist with acquisition.

  • In Display and Paid Search you can promote any sweepstakes or giveaways within banner ads or search text ads to help drive interactions.
  • You can supplement your social media efforts by using paid social to target lookalike audiences based on your current subscribers to drive new email sign ups.
  • In both Display and Paid Search you can give visibility to your Welcome Offer to gain new subscribers.

If you have physical stores, collect email addresses during the checkout process.

  • Train your store associates to ask shoppers for their email address at check out.
  • Explain the value of signing up for email, such as receiving emails about future promotions and store happenings.
  • Include your website and encourage signing up for email on your receipts.
  • Offer E-receipts to your customers.

Not all acquisition tactics are created equal, nor do they work for all brands. Remember to evaluate your past tactics, determine what has worked for your brand and what has not. Try different tactics and set realistic goals for your brand so that you can measure your success.