Most advertisers know that Microsoft and Yahoo have walked hand in hand in the paid search space for years under the Bing platform, but a big change is now upon us. Enter Gemini, the evolutionary platform rolled out by Yahoo to manage Yahoo’s mobile, tablet, and desktop search and shopping advertising. It controls 100% of Yahoo mobile traffic, 100% of Yahoo tablet traffic, and 49% of Yahoo desktop traffic which takes a huge piece out of what used to be valuable Bing traffic.

With mobile being the fastest growing marketing segment, Gemini has seamlessly merged the ease of search with the creativity of native advertising. Both text and native image ads will appear when consumers search for products or topics, check their email, read the news, and/or check their stock across any phone, tablet, or desktop on Yahoo owned and operated properties. Advertisers can manage and optimize their search and native ads in one place, blending your ads with the right content for the right audience. With more than 1 billion Yahoo users per month, this creates huge potential for brands to get in early and start reaping the immediate benefits such as lower CPCs and traffic increases.

As advertisers or agency representatives, you need to be present where your target consumer is, and always seeking new opportunities for growth. The time is now to join Gemini! Have any additional questions? Let Blue Moon Digital, Inc. be your guide to Yahoo Gemini success! Feel free to contact us today at