Let’s talk Domopalooza. I was lucky enough to be part of a group of Blue Mooners that got to attend the conference which took place in Salt Lake City, Utah March 21-24. Everything leading up to the event built excitement! From emails about Macklemore & Ryan Lewis performing to Theo Epstein (President of Baseball Operations for the Chicago Cubs) as a keynote, Domo knows how to create a buzz!

Sessions were packed, entertainment was on point and on the second day of the conference, thousands packed into the ballroom to hear Josh James, Founder, and CEO of Domo, deliver his keynote. James shared customer success stories, took a look into the future with product enhancements and made a push for the Domo Appstore by highlighting how exceptional the work of the Domo community is.

So, the Domo Appstore is exactly what you would expect; a location for users of Domo to download, try and ultimately buy apps that Domo and the Domo community, including us at Blue Moon Digital, build and develop.

These apps are created using Domo’s software development kit, a Domo plugin on Adobe Illustrator or card-based apps, which are a series of visualizations that are laid out in a dashboard in Domo. But I’ll cover more on the app store later.

Now, back to James’ keynote. Through all the excitement, Domo began to talk about apps being built by the likes of GE and the Indianapolis Colts. And then, BOOM!

Our Revenue Equation app was demoed on the main keynote stage.

A surreal moment, to say the least.

We put a lot of hard work into our apps and into being a Premier App publisher for Domo. So, I find it necessary to pitch in my two cents about how cool the app store is.

Let me elaborate. The Domo Appstore is the destination inside of Domo for decision-makers to discover pre-built solutions that address their specific business questions. The idea is for a customer to go to the app store, find an app that they can play with, then ultimately download it and connect it directly to their data. All of the heavy-lifting is done by whoever built the app, which allows a user to start using the app without having to put the time into building their own version.

The app store has apps that are built for the following use cases:

Role-Specific Apps:

These apps are created to help a user’s specific role within their organization. Thus, enabling them to make key business decisions based on best-practices that have been established by the Domo community. Whether you are in Ecommerce or a head merchant for your brand, there are various apps that can help you answer some of your most important questions.

Data-Driven Apps:

Apps that fall into this category, like our Revenue Equation app, are meant to not only help customers make business decisions but to also provide a snapshot of some of your largest data sources in one visual, eliminating the need to sift through multiple platforms and getting lost in the weeds. For example, our Revenue Equation app pulls in web analytics data from services like Google Analytics to help a brand understand how their digital marketing efforts are performing by channel, device type and visitor type. Thus, creating an app that shows what KPI’s are truly driving revenue on a brand’s site. Eliminating having to dig through various reports makes apps like the Revenue Equation extremely valuable.


Business-In-A-Box is a new product enhancement for Domo, which we got a sneak peek of right after they showed the Revenue Equation app at the day one keynote. The idea around this concept is that a user of Domo can download a complete dashboard of visualizations that address any vertical in an organization, whether that’s digital marketing, finance, merchandising, sales, etc. Essentially, Domo took the most common themes that they saw in the app store and created dashboards that are standard out of the box (just like the name indicates) that serve as a starting point for a specific area of focus that an organization can customize and elaborate on.

Domo wants the app store to be an ecosystem that allows organizations not only to stop using traditional methods of reporting but to start expanding their practices, strategies and approaches by leveraging other’s creative work to ignite their innovations.

Just as we humans download apps to our phone to make our lives easier (and hopefully create less clutter) brands and organizations need to do the same thing to make their jobs easier. Similar to downloading an app to deliver food whenever we want, brands can download apps that can help them decide where to place budget or focus on a specific channel to improve overall performance.

Until next time, Domopalooza, ciao.