As a country and planet, we are facing significant changes, COVID-19 is progressing and changing day-by-day and hour-by-hour. As of my writing this post, there are already >60,000 confirmed cases in the USA and it is keeping individuals and businesses on their toes.

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This post focuses on messaging and how to keep customers engaged.

We have all been inundated with COVID-19 content. Data tells us that the open rates for these emails is quite high right now. People want to know as much about their new normal as possible. And while it is important to keep your customers updated, sometimes the decision needs to be made carefully where and how to message. With 42% of the nation under shelter in place restrictions and nearly every company sending to their entire database notifying them of their staying safe policies, how do brands stand out? It is time to move to the next messaging set.

Note: It is important that you make and keep your staff safe, but consumers expect this by now.

And what does phase two of COVID-19 messaging look like?

It looks like telling customers you are open for business and that you have what they need. You can even highlight products that are great for at home activities. Feature these products as solutions to a query or problem your customers might have. We are truly all in this together and customers want to know how you are helping the community, or how their purchasing from you would help the community. Try offering live or recorded content; for example, Michael’s craft stores are offering video guides for crafting and live sessions on Facebook every Wednesday. Is there content your staff could produce to keep your brand part of the conversation? Could you curate a WFH or a self-care package that people could order for themselves or others?

Here are some Content Examples:

  • “Escape the city with these hiking essentials”
  • “X% of Proceeds will go to a COVID-19 charity”
  • “Comfort in a box, the loungewear essentials”
  • “Curbside pickup available for any order”
  • “Free shipping to the comfort of your home”

As we think about the messaging we are sharing, it is important to consider what your customers are doing. Many are at home streaming videos or on their phones, often both. To get the message out on offerings, new concepts, etc, we need to focus on the right channels. Social and video ads have an unprecedented opportunity to reach and inform your customers. All updates do not need to be emails, on-site banners are a very simple way to share updates relevant only to those on your site – be that simple or passive updates.

A significant concern is the potential of closed distribution centers. This is a catastrophic event that could limit brands from shipping. If your facilities are open, keep that messaging in a banner on-site and don’t let there be any doubt that you can’t ship eventually. If you have a planned close date, that is an opportunity for proactive messaging to remind customers to get their orders in.

From brand strategy to paid search ads, Blue Moon Digital is here to support your brand. If you have questions or would like to set up a time to uncover marketing opportunities or your COVID-19 response, drop us a line.

Stay safe.