COVID-19 has dramatically altered daily lives for many Americans as the majority of cities have implemented social restrictions or shelter-in-place orders. This has resulted in massive consumer behavior shifts and has changed the way many brands must market.

At the top of that list is increased screentime. Facebook reports a 70% increase in usage, messaging is up 50%, and we are too embarrassed to share our iPhone screentime reports.

When it comes to digital creative and advertising, more challenges have come to light. Many partners are running out of fresh creative, and they are unable to hold a photo or video shoot. Most marketers see this as the first step in creative fatigue and reduced performance; while they are right, it doesn’t have to be.

Blue Moon Digital’s award-winning creative team has been collaborating with our partners to use what they have and rework creative to keep ads and content fresh and exciting for customers. We strive to help our customers thrive and work tirelessly to ensure creative is optimized for performance.

Why You Should Consider Ad Fatigue

Ad fatigue is very real and occurs when someone sees the same ad too many times. Products start to blend into the background and would-be customers scroll right on past. This can make CTRs plummet and strip you of ROI. We recommend always having a few creative assets in rotation and update placements every 4-6 weeks.

Blue Moon Digital’s Pro Tips to Keeping Your Creative Fresh

  • Change backgrounds
  • Use existing lifestyle images matted in the back with the new product highlighted in the front
  • Overlay fresh and relevant text
  • Re-cut videos to tell a new story
  • Shift creative across audiences
  • Rely on data, monitor ad frequency, and set frequency caps
  • Consider A/B testing with your creative assets to increase your target audience
  • Update creative asset every 3-5 weeks to keep relevancy

Blue Moon Digital is here to support your brand and help you navigate these uncertain times. For more information, check out our Creative Development services or set up a free consultation with our team of specialists. To get the ball rolling, reach out to your account manager or contact us here.

Contributors: Caitlin Able, Art Director and Scott Salzberg, Director of Strategic Growth