We recently hosted a workshop at Domopalooza, Domo’s annual BI and Technology conference alongside Amy McManus, Chief Digital Officer, and Jon Stinnett, Sr. IT Director, at Hobo Bags, a 30 year-old, family-owned handbag and leather goods company.

During the session, “Collaboration and Efficiency through Data Centralization,” we discussed how the partnership between BMDi and Hobo Bags led to a complete organizational change in their company through the implementation of Domo along with specific dashboards for digital marketing, eCommerce and the Hobo Bags executive teams.

Here’s a brief overview of our discussion with the full session recording embedded below.


Primarily a wholesale business that grew over time, Hobo Bags had a multitude of data sources and disparate platforms they used to answer key business questions. When they launched an eCommerce aspect to the business five years ago, they knew they needed a different way to aggregate data and build a unified structure for their reporting.

“There was not a single source of truth when it came to how the business was performing and how everyone was interpreting the numbers across the organization,” says Amy McManus, Chief Digital Officer.


With the company’s data siloed and difficult to access, Amy and Jon worked with Blue Moon Digital’s BI team in a phased approach to connect internal data sources to Domo and build reports for the digital marketing and eCommerce Teams. Throughout the engagement, the Blue Moon Digital team and Hobo Bags team enlisted input from the executive team early in the process. The engagement started with a weekly report that was at the core of the Hobo Bags decision-making process and executive meetings. Once this was automated in Domo, it created a defined set of metrics everyone could agree on.

Together, the teams defined a central language for their data and KPIs so they could use one interpretation of data and performance across the business. Prior to this, there were different definitions of KPI’s across business units, including how KPIs were calculated and what they meant.


Data centralization took on a new meaning for Hobo Bags. They were able to democratize their data so the executive team and employees could immediately see business performance versus waiting for the weekly report to be produced. Now, employees are data curious and empowered with data on a daily basis. As Domo is rolled out into new areas of the organization, the Hobo Bags team is able to make decisions faster than ever before and adapt to the ever changing retail landscape.

Hobo Bags has successfully started their digital transformation within the Domo BI Platform are working with Blue Moon Digital to push their digital road map forward.

If you’re interested in seeing how the Domo BI Platform can accelerate digital transformation for your company, drop us a line today.

Contributor: Taylor Heussner, Corporate Marketing Manager