Father’s Day is right around the corner (time is running out if you haven’t found the right gift for the dad’s in your life) and email marketers are jumping into high gear to ensure that you don’t forget to get your dad something special this year to celebrate. Here are some of my favorite emails that I’ve come across so far this year and what I love about them. Perhaps some of you shopping procrastinators may even find that perfect gift for Dad.

Best Cross Brand Promotion

Subject: father’s day gifts to make dad smile

kate spade always does a great job with cross promoting their sister company, Jack Spade, during times when their primarily female audience might be shopping for male-oriented gifts. The creative is clever and fun, and the joke forces the reader to scroll down below the fold to see the answer (and the CTA).

katespade - fathers day email

Most Nostalgic

Subject: For All the Outdoor Dads

If your dad was anything like mine, dad was the one that introduced you to the beauty of nature. Dad was the one that took you camping, taught you how to ski during the winter and fish during the summer. This email from REI really tugged at my heart strings when I opened it. Through their selected imagery and copy, they took me back to some of my best childhood memories.

REI - fathers day email

A Picture That’s Worth 1,000 Words

Subject: Celebrate Dad + Free Standard Shipping

There’s something heart-warming and symbolic about a child growing up to fill his (or her) father’s shoes (they’re such big shoes to fill). This email from Havaianas was another emotional win. This one struck an emotional cord with me because it made me think of my husband and our daughter. Don’t be afraid to make an emotional connection with your audience through imagery and copy in your emails. Emotions can motivate consumers and drive action.

Havanianas - fathers day email

Best Use of Personas

Subject: Ideal Gifts for Every Dad

Whether your dad is a grill master, the outdoorsy type, a brewmaster, a classic geek, silly, sporty, has a green thumb, or is even your grandad, Uncommon Goods has got you covered. Through the use of personas, this Uncommon Goods emails offers gift inspiration for a wide variety of shoppers. The graphics provide a clever way to generate interest but force the reader to click through the email to view the products. And if your dad doesn’t fit any of the personas, then you can scroll down to my absolute favorite part of the creative…

uncommon goods - fathers day1 email

Their blog spoof on the Dos Equis Most Interesting Man In the World.

uncommon goods - fathers day2 email

To all you dads out there, Happy Father’s Day! And for those of you still looking for that perfect gift, check out your inbox.