Retail and eCommerce is our thing. Here at Blue Moon Digital, we are dedicated to guiding clients through the ever-changing world of digital marketing. Our purpose is to fuel commerce growth. As a digital marketing agency, we highly value our long-standing relationship with Google and commitment to the Google Partner program to deliver excellence on behalf of our brands.

We are honored to be among a select group of Google Partners that were granted premier status last month. Blue Moon Digital received the Google Premier Partner badge as recognition by Google as a leading agency. The Premier status recognizes leading agencies that meet higher spend, performance, and certification requirements by Google.

“We are proud to be a Google Premier Partner because this signifies the value of our close relationship with Google. Certifications in Search, Mobile, Video, Display, and Shopping represent a robust skillset. Understanding the nuances of each and the interplay between them in the customer journey should be the core of every digital marketing program. At Blue Moon Digital, we are proud to be fluent in each of these skills and are excited to have the Google Premier Partner badge to represent this,” said Garrett Hood, VP of Paid Media.

With this new premier partner status also comes a new badge showcasing specializations that badged Partners have earned. Here are the 5 areas of expertise:

  • Search
  • Mobile
  • Video
  • Display
  • Shopping

Blue Moon Digital is currently recognized for specializations in Search and Shopping. Want to know more about the benefits of Google Partner status? Learn more about Google Partner program benefits here.