The holidays can be a chaotic time. Out-of-town guests, an influx of party invitations, gift-giving, and general merriment can make everyone feel like they are losing themselves in the holiday season… brands included! It is important for companies to stay true to their brand’s identity. This is especially important during a hectic time of year in order to provide the best and most consistent experience for the customer, which will lead to the most success for the company.

The first step is to figure out what story your brand wants to tell and stick with it. Tell that story across all touchpoints so that your customers are able to recognize and understand who you are and what you are saying. Make your messaging memorable, clear, and consistent. From the company website and social media, to traditional advertising and the in-store experience, each interaction a customer has with your brand is an important step to building a long-term relationship. This will keep them coming back for more!

During the holiday season when shoppers are not always the end user, you must still keep your customer in mind. Focus on what they need through their shopping experience and how they best communicate. Whether they are shopping for gifts for others or themselves, they will relate best to a brand that fulfils expectations and understands their needs.

Why is it important to be true to who you are?

  • To increase brand recognition
  • To reduce customer confusion and frustration
  • To increase customer trust and engagement

Notice a trend? It is all about the customer. If they are happy, they are loyal and engaged. If they are loyal and engaged, the company is happy.

How do you ensure consistency across all touchpoints?

  • Know your brand’s voice/message and use it in all media
  • Focus on the customer’s journey and each interaction they have with your brand
  • Communicate with your customer, but don’t try to target everyone

As long as the focus is on your customer and remains there, staying consistent across channels should come naturally. For more specific information on how certain touchpoints interact, see our blog post “Leveraging Mobile within Brick and Mortar.”