Wow, didn’t the summer just fly by! I can’t believe that I’m already seeing the kids in my neighborhood waiting for the bus again. With back-to-school comes the need for new clothes, new shoes, new backpacks and LOTS of supplies. Of course, us marketers have been preparing for months and were just waiting to hit send on the back-to-school campaigns. In case you missed them, here are some of the favorites from the BMDi Email team.

Shopping is Caring

Subject: They’re here! Back-to-school styles

Pre-header: Give back when you go back. Shop this collection

Chosen by: Brittany Pettrone, Lead Email Solutions Specialist

They relate going back to school to their philanthropy program of helping people in need. Give back when you go back. They also nicely cover a wide range of ages that might be needing back-to-school TOMS.

Toms - back to school

Animated & Clever

Subject: don’t you love new york in the fall?

Pre-header: backpacks and school supplies (for whether you’re enrolled or not). shop now>

Chosen by: Danny Taylor, Senior Solutions Specialist

kate spade is known for their handbags, but not everyone knows about their backpacks. So, this is a perfect time to promote them. I also especially love the language in the pre-header about whether you’re “enrolled” in classes or not, they’re the perfect supplies. Add in a clever animation of the opening and closing of the backpack revealing other cute notebooks and desk accessories, and you have a winner in my book!

Kate Spade - back to school

Best School Spirit

Subject: Show off your spirit with new collegiate additions

Pre-header: Free shipping over $75

Chosen by: Vicki Campana, Sr. Email Strategist and Project Manager

From sneakers to backpacks, the new school year is upon us! Alex and Ani bracelets may not be top of mind for Mom and Dad, but they sure are for Tweens and beyond! Alex and Ani do an excellent job of focusing on back to school this year. They provide content within the email that speaks to College, Sororities, and even provide a back-to-school glam guide. With their out of the box thinking and amazing ability to provide a bracelet for any occasion, Alex and Ani are #winning this school year.

Alex and Ani - Back to school

Interactive and Fitting

Subject: This backpack is sure to impress + get an extra 20% off

Pre-header: Plus, get an extra 20% off when you buy a backpack and any other back-to-school item. Shop now>

Chosen by: Julianna Renaud, Senior Email Strategist

While the email itself is visually appealing, easy to read, and contains clear calls-to-action, my favorite part of this email is the dedicated landing page. Kipling does a great job of linking the email subscriber to a fun, dedicated landing page that aligns with the email creative and encourages customer interaction. Once on the landing page, customers can click on each of the backpacks and the image and the graph update to the selected backpack and its features. This guide made it really easy to understand which backpack would be best for you based on the size of the laptop you have and what else you’re looking to fit into the bag.

Kipling - back to school

For the Educator

Subject: Teachers, treat yourself.

Pre-header: We’re taking 25% off.

Chosen by: Merissa Smith, Email Solutions Intern

Most of the Back-to-School emails you receive have very similar content and messaging. You usually get one of two things, either school aged children jumping for joy (even though we know it’s really their parents who are excited), wearing the fall line of X brand, or some version of a school supplies promotion. Lane Bryant chose to focus on an audience that is often overlooked when it comes to back-to-school promotions, and that audience is teachers; it also doesn’t hurt that Lane Bryant is one of my favorite brands. Aside from standing out based on target audience, I think that the email creative did a great job of speaking to that audience with a messy chalkboard and text that resembles writing on a chalkboard.

Lane Bryant - back to school

And in case anyone was wondering….The winner for our least favorite back-to-school email this year was:

CU Boulder - back to school

Granted, the CU email is about tuition (arguably the least fun part about going back to school). But, they could have tried to make it a little bit more engaging. Perhaps, tuition would have less of a sting that way?