In our latest episode of the Blue Moon Digital Brainiacs, Jess talks about Amazon Marketplaces and if they are a good fit for you.

Let’s start by defining what Amazon Marketplace is. Amazon Marketplace is Amazon’s online fixed-price marketplace which allows sellers to offer new and used items in addition to Amazon’s regular offerings. Thus, allowing customers to buy directly from third-party sellers.

Amazon charges the buyer’s credit card on behalf of the seller and sends his or her payment to the seller. But Amazon does not pass along any credit-card information.

Amazon Marketplace is offered in over 60 countries. However, some sellers do not ship internationally.

Ultimately, Amazon Marketplace allows increased products without inventory constraints. This has the potential to provide better service, product choices for customers, and more profit.

It is a rewarding way of expanding offerings and ensuring shoppers stay on the site.

Here are the top 3 benefits of Amazon Marketplace

  • Increased Sales – Amazon alone draws nearly 85 million unique monthly visitors. More traffic can turn into higher sales.
  • Customer Acquisition – Ok, typically, no one searches on Amazon for a specific store. However, people may be searching for something in particular and discover you! A big plus because they might not have discovered your products otherwise, or purchased from a competitor.
  • Marketplace Infrastructure – equals strength in numbers. The variety and all-in-one aspect of the marketplace can draw in lots of customers who prefer that kind of shopping experience. Online marketplaces also bring the additional layer of single-stream checkout and fulfillment support in order to create a seamless experience for buyers.

Short and sweet, but those are the reasons that marketplaces can strengthen your online presence.

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