We are at it again! In our latest episode of the Blue Moon Digital Brainiacs, Jess and Lauren cover some quick tips on how to start your successful eCommerce strategy.

Often brands get sidetracked by the internet of things. But, if there isn’t a strategy everything is being done in vain. So, here’s a short checklist of five things to keep in mind when building an ecomm strategy.

These days there really is no division between ecommerce and commerce. They are different sides of the same coin. But, if your business doesn’t have an online presence in some way it isn’t going to survive.

In no particular order here are the top five things you need to consider when thinking ecommerce strategy.

Create a User-Centered Experience

Design with a purpose. Delivering a user-friendly personalized experience is a must. This encourages shoppers to load up their shopping carts by creating an emotional connection. People like to feel good about the decisions they make and we all know by our most is real. So, create a place that fosters that emotional connection for your shoppers.

Leverage Social Media

This might sound innate. But, it is a must to include social media as a part of your e-commerce strategy. Mainly in paid advertising and content. This is an active way to target audiences and drive traffic. Two-way communication is an important part of social. Plus, it is a great way to gain word-of-mouth momentum. So, engage with your audience.

Capitalize on Mobile

Mobile is everything. It has become clear that companies cannot afford to disregard mobile. It goes everywhere with you. Moreover, 4 out of 5 smartphone owners use their device to shop. You want to be a part of that.

Data Collection

This is an Innate but often overlooked piece. Data collection, more importantly, data Analysis, should be the foundation of your strategy.

Keep Moving Forward

Meaning never stop evolving. Technology and customer habits will continue to evolve and you must too. You don’t want to become irrelevant in a swipe of a snap story.

So, use these five tips wisely, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful e-commerce business. Actively listen to your customers stay up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies and continually analyze your marketing efforts. Experiment make adjustments rinse and repeat