The holidays are approaching quickly! But, with only a few days until Christmas, there is still time to drive additional traffic and revenue to your site. Don’t stress. Follow the strategies below and find those additional sales as we head closer and closer to the holidays!

  • Offer Free Shipping or Expedited Shipping

This is the perfect way to find those last minute shoppers who are looking to get gifts fast without having to pay those outrageous shipping costs. Make sure you can offer Free 2 Day shipping the week before Christmas to get those last minute sales!

  • Reach out to Customers Who Abandoned Their Cart

Encourage these customers to come back by offering them an incentive. The incentive could be as simple as free shipping, or it could be a discount with a code. This will not only save a lot of sales but help keep these customers as lifetime buyers.

  • Self-buying/New Year Promotions

Turn the attention away from holiday shopping to self-buying for the new year. “NEW YEAR, NEW YOU!” Gear promotions towards self-buying as the holidays come to a close, especially during the New Year.

  • Hanukkah

As we get closer and closer to Christmas, it is a good time this year to start changing the messaging to Hanukka which begins on Saturday, December 24. Since Hanukkah doesn’t end until Sunday, January 1, it will be perfect to message this audience in the week after Christmas which is usually a very slow time for merchants.

  • Offer Incentives for Coming Back in January and/or New Email Signups

With lots of new shoppers browsing different sites throughout the holiday season, offer incentives or discounts for coming back in January. Over time, these group of shoppers may convert to long-term buyers.

The holidays can be a stressful time for many shoppers, and we all know those people who wait until the very last minute to buy all their holiday gifts. Make sure you follow the above strategies and capitalize on all of these sales to help you reach your holiday season revenue goals. Happy Holidays!