Your industry isn’t one size fits all, and businesses face unique challenges.
At BMDi, our expertise covers a variety of industries.

We get it, data solutions aren’t all encompassing, they need to be tailored to business specific needs.
That’s why we partner with your internal team to recognize your detailed business needs and goals.

we work with to understand how we better serve and empower them
through actionable, and timely data driven insights.

Retailers and Brands


The retail industry is going through major disruption due to the commoditization of goods, the move to the experience economy, and the fact that consumers live online. Shopping is not what it used to be. The amount of data available to retailers and brands is overwhelming: store transactions, ecommerce transactions, marketplace transactions, consumer buying behavior, product inventory levels, campaign performance, social media, customer LTV and CPA, supply chain, revenue attribution, and more.

Retailers need to move to data driven decision making. Our solution brings all these data sources to one place, creates compelling visual dashboards allowing retailers to quickly gain insights, and make better decisions in a timelier manner. The data is always available and up to date allowing retailers to better serve their customers and maximize revenue.

Media and Entertainment

The world wants to be educated, informed, and entertained. Media and entertainment companies bring the world their content and need to measure, optimize, and forecast just how engaged their audiences are. Deep understanding of audiences is a requirement to ensure that their networks are fully optimized to monetize their content and hit their sales targets. That requires massive amounts of real-time data. 

Our solutions allow media and entertainment companies to visualize the latest numbers to evaluate the success of programs so they can make more relevant decisions. Media and entertainment companies need to know who loves their content and respond to changing patterns of demand, while predicting which expansion strategies will be most profitable.

Resorts and Hospitality

The resort and hospitality industry is under continuous pressure to bring in new guests and turn current guests into loyal customers. It is tough enough to manage their own marketing campaigns but they also must coexist with online travel sites that give their guests multiple competing options. Understanding the customer journey continues to get more fragmented with social media, multiple systems, multiple channels, agencies, and affiliates all involved in the mix.

Our solutions show what marketing channels are the most effective and provide insights on what’s working in the customer journey and how to get the most out of every marketing dollar.


Manufacturing is moving faster and leaner, improving production and plant performance is mission critical. The manufacturing industry must harness and understand massive amounts of data from many systems to drive operational efficiencies, higher levels of service and support, and manage risks.

Our solution allows manufacturers to track key performance indicators in real-time: machine utilization, service levels, process efficiency, costs, cycle times, and overall plant performance. We help manufacturers monitor real-time data from multiple sources into one dashboard and operate leaner, smarter and more efficiently.

Digital Marketing

The growth in the digital marketing landscape is stunning. Since 2011, the number of marketing technology companies has grown from 150 to over 5,000. And the number of data sources is overwhelming.

Businesses and consumers do their research online and digital marketing spend is surpassing traditional marketing spend. The challenge for all companies is to understand what digital marketing channels are working, what campaigns are working, and how to quickly find ways to optimize campaigns on the fly. Pulling all the data to understand and optimize social media channels, paid display, affiliates, email promotions, paid search, organic search, and marketplaces, has grown into a massive effort.

Our solution automatically pulls all spend and performance data into one place, showing trends and how media spend is pacing for the month. We have automated the collection, aggregation, and visualization of all digital marketing data so you can see it all together, in one place 24/7.

Agency Solution

Our data solutions power our agency services to our clients. All of our agency reporting has moved from excel spreadsheets with endless rows and columns of data to visual dashboards that are available 24/7 on all device types. Our agency clients have access to their data from their mobile phones and our clients are empowered to see their results in real-time.

We are offering our data solutions to other agencies. We have automated the collection and aggregation of data from the majority of digital marketing vendors and platforms. We have created comprehensive dashboards for each of the digital channels.

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