Nothing is business as usual, and it shouldn’t be

COVID-19 has reshaped the idea of what is means to do business. Little to nothing remains untouched by this pandemic and businesses must respond accordingly. For us at Blue Moon Digital, this looks like operating with an entirely remote staff to adhere to CDC recommendations.

We believe that one of the most important things for brands to do during this unprecedented moment in time is to remain compassionate and authentic. So, we created an internal COVID-19 Task Force to help our clients navigate this uncertainty. Our blogs explore how to leverage each channel and are continually being updated as the economy evolves and everyone grapples with the new normal.


Since so little is known about this virus and the impact it will have, messaging has come in waves. The first wave of COVID-19 messaging focused on preparation and information. Next came messaging around rebuilding trust with your customer. As we continue to flatten the COVID-19 curve and remain in compliance with socially distancing, the third wave of messaging will likely center around a new conservative economic reality that will depend on authentic digital communication.

Brands will have to shift strategies and connect with customers in new ways. Not necessarily because the old ways were flawed, but because the systems supporting them were. We are in a perpetual state of flux and the team here at BMDi wants to offer support the best way we know how. We are offering a free strategy consultation session to anyone who may be interested. Please contact us here.

Our Top WFH Tips

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  • Keep furry friends close
  • Incorporate creativity into your day: arts & crafts break, mediation, journaling
  • Get moving – dance, yoga, run the stairs
  • Zoom Happy Hours, both with co-workers and clients
  • Don’t endlessly snack – but if you do, make sure you do it with baked goodies
  • Hydrate! Then, hydrate some more!


Live COVID-19 Tracker

There is a lot of uncertainty around safely returning to work. Our partner, Domo, has created some helpful apps that can help employers and employees alike navigate these trying times. These comprehensive cards provide an overview and general understanding of each region’s unique situation; this is displayed by confirmed cases, geography, testing and treatment, projections, and economic impact.

These cards are updated every ten minutes with data from WHO, Johns Hopkins University, Worldometer, and others. View more cards here.

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