About the Brand

The Paper Store is the largest family-owned and operated chain of specialty gift stores in New England with the goal of being the premier destination for all your gift-giving needs.

The Challenge

The Paper Store has served as a premier destination for gift-giving needs since 1964. They’d been managing their affiliate marketing program inhouse for over a year and had begun to see declining growth. Blue Moon Digital was tasked with increasing affiliate revenue in a strategic, cost-effective way. Our goal was to increase year-over-year revenue by 50% each month, starting January 2018, without significantly impacting cost and return on ad spend.

Our Solution

We ramped up program management quickly through tactical changes and enhanced publisher communications. To help increase reach and revenue, new affiliates were identified as prospective top performers.

We increased their exposure on the East Coast by heavily promoting well-known brands sold on their site. To help navigate to the products and gift guides, we created new links to individual categories on the site, and newsletters were consistently sent to affiliate publishers with updates and promotions. Finally, strategic commissions and cashback plan helped to increase traffic, conversions, and revenue.

Our Results





In the first six months of 2018 with BMDi’s takeover of affiliate management:

January –
Affiliate revenue increase 8% YoY

February –
Affiliate revenue increase 62% YoY

March –
Affiliate revenue increase 71% YoY

April –
Affiliate revenue increase 71% YoY

May –
Affiliate revenue increase 129% YoY

June –
Affiliate revenue increase 14% YoY


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